Training & Education Services

Our Training & Education Services Division  focuses on helping you with your training & education development needs. Our Education Services aims to assist educational institutions with their internationalisation process through the forging of institutional partnerships & the recruitment of students from various countries.

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to meet diverse international educational needs:

  • International Student Recruitment
  • Cultural Exchange Program (inbound Jamaica)
  • Internationalisation Programs
  • Institutional Alignment (MOU’s, Articulation Agreements, Student Exchange, Study Abroad, Joint
  • Partnership / School-Feeder contracts
  • Target Marketing

Our recruitment strategies ensure that qualified students from within your target groups are made aware of your institution’s offering. We capture student prospects early in the decision-making process & convert them directly
to your institution. Our unique strategies are designed to boost your institutions’ visibility within the region.

Trusted Strategies
Our trusted recruitment solutions offer superior value and analytics, giving early insight into successful strategies & trends. We create personalized marketing solutions tailored to your institutions’ needs inclusive of school talks & presentations, newsletters, student/ parent consultations, institutional agreements & feeder-programs.

We connect the right students with the right schools. Our inclusive recruitment packages can be tailor-made to suit any goal & budget.

Activities include:

  • Student recruitment
  • Tailored presentations on behalf of institutions
  • Partnership contracts
  • Island-wide School Tour Photos
  • Monthly school talks (students as they prepare for their higher education journey)
  • WhatsApp group / Monthly newsletter
  • Parent / Student consultations
  • Regional / Parish parents’ meetings
  • Participation in educational fairs
  • School fairs video here
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Breakfast sessions with guidance counsellors, form teachers, & ministry of education representatives

Operational Region:
Caribbean countries with special focus on:
– Jamaica
– Bahamas
– Trinidad
– Barbados

– Canada
– China
– Peru
– Europe

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